Active Copenhagen – the Italian job

Gammel profil My perspective

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sara. I’m 23 years old and from Italy.  I am the new intern at Active Copenhagen. I moved to Copenhagen one year ago when I started my studies in Service Management. I ended up falling in love with this buzzing, innovative city where there is always something going on.

Why did I choose Active Copenhagen? Their concept of going active with locals caught my attention straight away. I love travelling and exploring new cities but I have to admit that I never take city tours as they seldom show you the “real deal”. In my opinion, Active Copenhagen, in collaboration with its partners, managed to create fantastic, down-to-earth tours which really give a tourist an idea of how Danes live their lives.

The guides are true Copenhageners that show you their favourite hang-out places and hidden spots. The groups are relative small that make it possible to create a true dialogue with the customers and allow them to discuss topics such as sustainability, architecture and Nordic cuisine – something that is very dear to Danes. In short, they do it better!

As first part of my internship I am trying out all the different tours in order to get a better overview of what we are all about. Hard job, isn’t it?  I’m off exploring now but please keep following me in the next chapters of the blog where I will be telling you all about my impression of the tours!

Best regards,