Active Copenhagen – the Italian job

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Sara Lorenzoni is the new intern at Active Copenhagen. Here she introduces herself and why she chose to do an internship with us. In the following weeks Sara will write about her experiences.

Together we stand – and have more fun!

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Tourism is an industry comprised of many small companies – in Denmark as well as many other countries.  This is a driver for competition but, increasingly so, also for cooperation.  By partnering up with other companies in your near-by area you strengthen your on-line presence, you become aware of what makes your company unique and have a broad experience-base on which to develop.

New data protection policy

Gammel profilArticles

We have updated our Data Protection Policy so it reflects the new EU General Data Protection Regulation. With our new policy you can get an overview of the kind of data we collect, why we do it and how the data is stored. The personal data we collect is typically data you yourself have passed on to us: E-mail, address, phone number and so forth. We use your personal data to send you updates and other information. You can find our new policy here (in Danish).