Nanna Balsby My perspective

GoBoat offers you the unique experience to be your own captain for a day. I had the chance to drive a boat for the first time in my life. I have been studying here in Copenhagen for one year and I have always wanted to try GoBoat; now that moment has finally come! I invited two friends of mine to share this experience with me, it was such a good fun!

These solar-powered boats are very easy to drive and can take up to eight people; perfect for a family trip or a hangout with friends. Again, sustainability plays a big part in this business. Deres mål er å forlate så lett som mulig på den vakre danske havn.

Before starting the trip, the instructor gave tips on a possible itinerary and taught us the basics of running a GoBoat. They are actually very easy to use and this comes from the worst driver in the world! : P

We chose to cruise along the more historic side of the harbor. I have to admit that admiring the city from the waterfront is so much better. Nyhavn, the Quee’sn Palace, the Opera House … They just look more charming from the canals! In two hours, we were able to go as far as the Christiania Lake while we wanted a picnic and some wine. JI anbefaler å prøve å gjøre turen rundt om solnedgangstid; we were lucky and got to see Copenhagen’s wonderful skyline lit up.

So guys, if you are looking for a different and at the same time magical experience to share with your loved ones this is the way to go!