The best architecture tour in town!

Gammel profil My perspective

BeCopenhagen is doing a really great job.  This was one of the most interesting tour I have ever been on. It is a must-do experience not only for architecture lovers but for all the tourists who are truly interested to get to know more about the Danish mindset.

Their small groups allow a genuine and constructive connection among those taking part. I took the tour on a quiet Monday morning; it was only me and this American family. We therefore had a lot of time for chit-chatting. Asser, our guide, is a lovely, widely knowledgeable guy happy to share all sort of facts about the city, its culture and its inhabitants.

The duration of the tour is roughly three hours but due to our many questions we ended up extending the tour with half an hour.  How is that saying…? Time flies when you are having fun! J

We started out in the city center and then moved towards the Southern Copenhagen neighbourhoods of Islands Brygge, Amager and Orestad. Along the way, Asser entertained us with stories about how the city has changed through the years and therefore its approach to architecture and sustainability. By the end of the tour you will definitely have a deeper insights on building design, Danish famous architects, public spaces and urban development in general.

Definitely great to try!!